Who am I?

Really this question is one I have been asking myself since I was little. Who am I? and how do I fit into the grand scheme of life? To be honest I still don’t know any of those answers. When I think I have a good grasp of what the hell is going on, life changes and a new quest for those answers starts again.

Here is what I know already

I grew up on a small farm in South Australia. We were by no means well off. I watched my parents struggle financially every day of their lives. They provided for us the best that they could, with what they had. It wasn’t a bad childhood at all, and I have a lot of happy memories.

Fast forward to where I am now. I live in a rural town, and I am still learning how to manage my money. I have had to unlearn some bad money habits from my past and learning how to manage my finances to provide a better future for myself and my family.

I am married and a Mum to 3 (13,12 and 8.) Life is busy and like many I struggle each day with finding balance between work and life. I often feel like while I was focusing on creating a stable financial base by chasing extra hours I have missed out on so much with my kids while they were younger. Insert massive Mum regret and guilt right here. Now I am focusing on the time with my kids but feel like I am falling behind in creating stability financially. It constantly feels like a battle between the two.

Why By Maggie Rae is important to me

While I am not going to pretend that I know any of the answers on how to find work life balance and money management skills. I do know that I am striving to learn and grow in both areas. I know that I cannot be only one to figure this all out!

 I want to add what I am learning along the way and I hope you find the information helpful in your life journey.

Maggie x

2 responses to “So About Me”

  1. Roger JG Albert avatar

    Carry on Maggie Rae! Life is struggle, right until the end. I can attest to that!


    1. bymaggierae avatar

      One step forward every day 🙂 thank you Roger for taking the time to comment.


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