I have always loved photos. I’m the sort of person who will take a million and one photos when we are out and refuse to delete a single one. Even the blurry and out of focus ones. I still find the beauty in the photos that others are quick to delete. I don’t know I think I become overly sentimental over a picture the moment I take it. You really are capturing more than just an image.

I have always dabbled in photography, always eager to learn more. So now I am. In my previous post The Juggle is Real (https://bymaggierae.com/2022/08/21/the-juggle-is-real/) I wrote about one way to help with the work life balance is to take time for yourself. Taking time for myself is something that hasn’t come naturally to me. Family first then me is how it has gone. But I am practicing what I preach so here I am taking time for myself and learning a new skill – photography. And do you know what? I have an amazing new lease on life. I have been struggling with mental health even I wanted to admit it or not. But since learning all about photography it has really been great.

Reasons why I believe learning a new skill has been so beneficial for my mental health?

I’m putting me first

Now I am not saying a big stuff you to my family. I am saying that when I need it, I need to take care of myself right now. How this looks for me will be completely different to everyone else. I enjoy spending some me time just watching YouTube videos on photography tips or reading a book on photography. Or sometimes it’s going for a walk with the camera in hand. It is purely just spending some time on my own.

Breaks up the ‘day in day out’ mindset

Have you ever made it to the end of the week and just had that moment where you reflected, and thought you know what all I have done all week is sleep, eat, work and repeat? This was me at the beginning of 2022. Every day was the same, it was becoming monotonous and draining. We went away on holidays to the beach, and I bought a new camera. Since then, I have been seeking out times to use my camera. We are doing more day trips away on the weekends and spending more time out and about. It’s only little changes but it breaks the week up.

Seeing beauty in what I capture

As I said before, there is something about photos. For me photography is good for the soul. When I have my camera in my hand, all my worries disappear for that moment. I know those worries aren’t gone but right then in that moment my mind isn’t racing a million miles an hour. It really is at peace. Everything slows down, and I can really see what is in front of me. The way the light is catching my kids as they run through the summer grass, or the slow roll of the wave before the water collapses onto the sand. Nothing seems impossible in that moment, and I go away with a whole new mindset.

Maggie x

(All photos on this post have been taken by me, they are not technically perfect by any means, but I love them.)

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