Have you ever come out the other side of something and just gone what the hell was that?’

Those last couple of months of 2022 were rough, and it did leave me standing there going what on earth just happened? It honestly felt like I was on a train that was hurtling along the tracks at an astounding speed. I didn’t know how to slow it down while keeping everything on the train safe.

I so wanted 2022 to be that year. That year of positive changes.

What happened in those last few months.

Honestly 2022 wasn’t all bad. I have had worse years but 2022 was all sorts of different. It was the year of challenges, the year of exceptional highs and lows. It was a year!

Mid way through the year I had to accept some hard-hitting truths. truthfully i needed to face these a long time ago, but I neglected to do so, and it all came to a head mid-year.

I stuck my head down and I moved forward. I worked really hard on myself, and I am proud of what I have achieved in those 6 months.

The last few months though I was hit week after week with sickness. from colds to stomach bugs and it seems like everything else in between. It was relentless. Add in the extra work which comes with the end of the school year. I was down and out. I was sinking into depression, and I was feeling lost.

I didn’t see much point in pursuing anything those last few months. I had lost my way.

Onwards and upwards

Once I stopped and breathed, I could take everything in at the pace I needed to. I stopped writing on here, took a leave of absence from social media and just enjoyed being me with my family.

I needed to find my feet which I have done. I feel grounded again and I am ready for what 2023 has to offer.

I am 100% certain that there will highs and lows in 2023, just as there was during 2022. But I am ready and I feel like I have the tools to help on my path. I am on a new path this year but heading in the same direction. I know what I want to achieve.

I know where I want to be and the changes I want to make personally. But I now realise that my path isn’t made to be a sprint. It’s my path to walk and I want to be walk it at my pace. I want to stop to smell the flowers, watch the bees and take in the views along the way.

2023 self-care challenge

I put together this simple self-care challenge. I wanted something I could look at and go I want to do that. I want to finish 2023 going I have achieved these things – hopefully some more than once.

I’ll add updates on here and also on my Instagram. No pressure to follow along but would be great if you decide to cheer along.

Thank you for taking the time to read.

Have a wonderful day

Maggie Rae xx


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